baby doc box is a subscription box created and curated by Seattle based pediatrician, Alison Scott, for baby’s first year. Each box contains essential items for your parenting journey delivered to you every 2 months. At baby doc box we strive to empower parents to care for their children with confidence gained from trustworthy, fact—based information and products. We aim to inspire parenting free from judgement. Each box delivers important messaging and tools to lessen the uncertainty around parenting, by harnessing and delivering expert opinion to your doorstep.




Founder, Pediatrician, Mom

After over 15 years of practicing pediatrics, I’m leaping into a new adventure as the founder of baby doc box. I’m on a quest to bring meaningful discussions out of the office and into your home, delivering comfort and confidence to your parenting experience. I never imagined a work life away from the office, but these are changing times—and here I am. In 2019 I stepped away from my full—time medical practice. I wanted a way to continue to connect with families. baby doc box allows me to share my knowledge as a pediatrician and mom with families outside the office setting. As a pediatrician I am uniquely qualified to offer advice and taper expectations for parents. I’m here to help parents weed out the unnecessary and potentially harmful products and trends. Using my medical training and pediatric experience in infant growth, development, and common illnesses I created baby doc box as a guide for parents. While I still relish the art of practicing medicine, it’s exciting to flex my “doctor muscles” in another venue. I am married to the love of my life, mother of two busy, wonderful children, and a friend to an amazing group of women. 



Chief Medical Advisor, Pediatrician, Mom

I’ve been a practicing pediatrician for over 18 years, and I love guiding people through the adventure of parenthood. I strive to help parents sort through the mountains of available parenting advice and understand their children’s behavior in the context of brain and body development. It is one of my greatest privileges to witness parents moving forward with understanding, intention, and confidence as they present their children with ongoing opportunities for growth. I am also a wife and the mom of two amazing daughters. As a parent and a physician, I have experienced and witnessed the incredible desire to raise our children with positivity, encouragement, and just enough adversity to help them become independent, resilient, thoughtful people. baby doc box provides a fun, educational platform to connect with families outside of my daily practice, so we can continue to navigate this journey of parenthood together.

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