Beginning At 0-2 Months Box Subscription

  • $80 every other month or $480 one time

Welcome to baby doc box! This box is filled with must-have essentials for you and baby.  Each box includes an educational booklet with important age specific information by pediatrician Dr. Alison Scott, MD.

This is a time of major transitions, both for you and your sweet new addition. This carefully chosen lineup will help you with soothing, swaddling, and fussing (both yours and baby's):

  • Swaddle Designs Omni Swaddle
  • Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm
  • Quick-Read rectal thermometer by fridababy
  • NoseFrida by fridababy
  • Indestructibles: Welcome Baby book
  • Dr. Brown's happy paci pacifier
  • Carlson Baby’s Super Daily Vitamin D
  • Drinco 30 oz Tumbler and stainless steel straw
  • An educational guide that explains it all

Start your subscription with the 0-2 months box and you'll get 6 boxes for the year including the 0-2 months, 2-4 months, 4-6 months, 6-8 months, 8-10 months, and 10-12 months boxes. Subscribe for $80 per box or a pay a one-time $480 fee for 6 boxes in baby's first year.

*If you are gifting baby doc box remember to put in the lucky giftees contact info at check out; email and address.