Being a new parent can be a time fraught with fears and unknowns about what to expect and how we will perform in our new role. Parents often look to their pediatrician to assuage those fears. I came up with the idea for baby doc box two years ago out of a desire to share comfort with more than just one family at a time in an exam room. There had to be a way to provide kindred exam room advice in a better, more comfortable way.

The other day I was considering how I used to offer solace to families with a sick child: “Don’t worry, it’s just a virus.” I can’t say that anymore. A lot will never be the same again, for better or for worse. Being a pediatrician will never be the same again. Despite the tumult and uncertainty of 2020, life marches on for many. People are laying family members to rest and bringing new life into this world. We all need comfort during these universal life changes as well as reassurance that this pandemic will pass. It will pass, just like hard parenting periods will pass. We learn from these challenges and move forward, better prepared for the next one.

To be prepared and learn we need to surround ourselves with a trusted team. Your pediatrician should be one of the members of your team you can look to for guidance and reassurance. The best part about being a pediatrician is developing this sense of ease as well as longitudinal relationships with families. It truly is a special connection. The most important part for parents during their prenatal visit is that they are comfortable with the doctor and respect their professional opinion. Less important are the questions everyone tells you to ask: do we follow the recommended vaccine schedule, should I circumcise my baby boy, do you prescribe antibiotics or other interventions often? The reality is most pediatricians support the recommended vaccine schedule, most pediatricians believe it is a personal decision whether or not to have your baby circumcised, most pediatricians try to minimize use of antibiotics and would only recommend testing or interventions for your child if medically necessary.

When you like, trust and respect someone, it is easier to let them be your guide when you are feeling lost or alone. That is the relationship we pediatricians treasure with families. However, at times that relationship is muddled by the daily grind of the office. My idea was to take these messages, bring that trust out of the chaos of the office and into your home.

This is how baby doc box works: subscribe and every two months, you will receive products hand-picked by pediatricians with decades of experience working with families. We focus on themes ranging from baby wellness and development to helpful illness interventions. baby doc box zeroes in on common questions and concerns that come up during an infant’s visit with their pediatrician.

Join us and see what all the fuss is about.

About Baby doc box

baby doc box is a subscription box created and curated by Seattle based pediatrician, Alison Scott, for baby’s first year. Each box contains essential items for your parenting journey delivered to you every 2 months.

At baby doc box we strive to empower parents to care for their children with no—nonsense confidence gained from trustworthy, fact—based information and products. We aim to inspire parenting free from judgement. Each box delivers important messaging and tools to lessen the uncertainty around parenting, by harnessing and delivering expert opinion to your doorstep.